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Branded content
TV commercials
Experiential films
Production Services

–––––– About us.

When it comes to working with big brands our track record speaks volumes.

We’ve made ads and branded content for Honeywell, Sterling Furniture, Hey Girls, Polaris, Scottish Government, Irn-Bru, Nairns

With names like this under our belt it’s not surprising we’ve worked with the biggest and best directors around: David Lumsden, Will Herbert, Sami Abusamra,  Peter Marsden to name but a few, and can bring this award-winning talent to your project.

We’ll present you with the right director for your job. So get in touch and tell us about it.

–––––– Work.

Far be it from us to blow our own trumpet (or mix our metaphors) but here’s a few recent projects we think are worth shouting about.

Honeywell DAS 

Produced for our friends at Good, these ads were commissioned to make a noise about Honeywell’s Alexa built-in home security dock. They had to look typically American.  So (typically) we shot them there, in Atlanta, and edited them back in Auld Reekie. The Loudmouth team did the lot, on both sides of the pond: location scouting, casting, set dressing, permissions, filming, editing, graphics – not to mention the production of several regional versions. Job done…y’all.

"Huge credit to the Loudmouth team for bringing our creative concept to life in the form of some fantastic videos. As always, tight timings and tricky budgets but an end result we’re all proud of! Look forward to working with you again."
Gail Bryce, Account Director, Good  

Hate Crime Campaign Films

Do you know what we hate more than anything else? Passing up on an opportunity to make a great film for a great cause. Which is why we loved working with the Leith Agency to produce a series of films in support of the Scottish Government Hate Crime Campaign. Shot on location in Glasgow with arrange of local talent, the films gave a (loud) voice to the people of Scotland– haters keep out! Point made.

Sterling Furniture Ads

So Sterling came to us to work with the Union to produce their Winter ads – in winter. 16 films in 2 weeks. Simple - if you call 8 cast in 15 room sets in 4 houses filmed with a 15-strong crew over 3 days simple. Which we do. All wrapped and delivered for Christmas Eve. A very Merry Christmas for our friends at Sterling!

"We approached Loudmouth with an incredibly challenging time frame to plan and execute a national TV campaign with multiple edits. In spite of the lack of time and fact they had not worked with us before, Loudmouth quickly understood our objectives and the resulting process was very professional from start to finish. The campaign has been incredibly well received and I have no hesitation in recommending Loudmouth; our experience has been first rate.
Tom Rooney, Marketing and Digital Manager Sterling Furniture

Hey Girls

When Hey Girls secured Michael Sheen to launch its #pads4dads campaign, Loudmouth Films was the obvious choice to help spread the word. Which is how we found ourselves in Asda filming the illustrious actor talking about Bloody Conversations against a shelf of sanitary pads. One great film, one great cause. Period. 

"We went to meet the team at Loudmouth with a very rough idea of what we wanted the impact of our film to be, with no real understanding of whether it was possible. Within days, Loudmouth came back with the most fantastic proposal and a plan of how to just make it happen - totally exceeded our wildest dreams, and the result is simply amazing."
Celia Hodson CEO Hey Girls


The Loudmouth

Join us for your monthly dose of creativity, as we get LOUD and meet the boldest and brightest talent in the creative sector.


Loudmouth has the resource and capability to make your film happen big time, regardless of size and complexity.
We've got:

—Directors & Creatives
—Script Writing and storyboards
—Scheduling, budget and logistical support
—Full production crew
—Location scouting, management and permissions

—Camera & Lighting Equipment
—Actors, models and supporting artists
—Accommodation, transport & catering
—Post production and graphics

–––––– Animation.

We love to help you get LOUD, and animation is the perfect medium to do so! From fire juggling unicyclists, to emotive and sensitive character led pieces and epic other worldly motion graphics, animation is the perfect tool to bring your story to life!



If you’ve got a brand to put out there or a story to tell, give us a shout.
We’re all ears.

Contact: Abigail Nawrot
Tel: 07850 397502