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–––––– About us.

We know what you’re thinking...
how come you’ve never heard of a company called Loudmouth?

We've been keeping quiet about ourselves.

No fear, that’s not our style.

The fact is we’re new.
There, we’ve said it. New.

In fact, you could be one of the first clients to work with Loudmouth.

And wouldn’t that be something to shout about.

Loudmouth is the combined force of Scotland’s hottest production talent, led by Development Producer Linsey Romano, one of the most accomplished commercials and branded content producers in the business, formerly Head of Production at Gate Films.

–––––– Work.

We may be the new kids on the block, but these kids have been around (the block) for a while.

When it comes to working with big brands our track record speaks volumes.

We’ve done ads and branded content for Sony, Allinsons, Ford, Walkers, Barclays, Burger King, Kenco, More4, Halfords, Irn-Bru, Nairns, Tropicana and McDonald’s.

With names like this under our belt it’s not surprising we’ve worked with the biggest and best directors around: 
Trevor Melvin, David Lumsden, Simon Baker, 
Barry Kimber, Jonathan Harris,
to name but a few, and can bring this award-winning talent to your project.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to force these people down your throat. We’ll present you with the right director for your job. So get in touch and tell us about it.

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Loudmouth has the resource and capability to make your film happen big time, regardless of size and complexity.
We've got:

—Directors & Creatives
—Script Writing and storyboards
—Scheduling, budget and logistical support
—Full production crew
—Location scouting, management and permissions

—Camera & Lighting Equipment
—Actors, models and supporting artists
—Accommodation, transport & catering
—Security & storage
—Post production and graphics



If you’ve got a brand to put out there or a story to tell, give us a shout.
We’re all ears.

Contact: Linsey Romano
Tel: 0131 285 5367